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Redding Ca capet cleaners helpful hints

by Thomas Conway on 02/19/16

My wife loves candles, and with candles sometimes things can happen and bam! A big clump of wax is now cooled and hardened in your carpet fibers. 

 To get this out is pretty simple you will need a nice 100% white cotton hand towel and a clothes iron. 
 Set you iron to cotton, no steam, place the white cotton towel over the clump of wax that is now cold and hardened to your carpets fibers. 
 Place the iron on top of the towel over the clump of wax, watch this very close, I check about every 5 seconds or so and then judge how long I can leave it in place. 
 Be very careful and have patients, the wax will start to warm and melt, as this happens it will be drawn up into the white cotton towel, you can get it all out if you take your time and carefully inspect the carpet as you make progress.
So there you go a tip from a Redding Ca. Carpet cleaner to you. 
If you don't feel comfortable doing this feel free to give us a call and I will be happy to come out and help.

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