Redding Ca. Carpet Cleaning Blog of Simply Clean Carpet Care

Redding Ca. Carpet Cleaning Blog of Simply Clean Carpet Care

Carpet Cleaners of Redding and home owners DIY

by Thomas Conway on 02/24/16

 Hello Redding Ca,

 So today I would like to talk a little bit about DIY carpet cleaning, and why a Professional Carpet Cleaner is different.

 I know many of you have your own in house carpet cleaner that use when you don't want to call a Carpet Cleaner in Redding. I think it is great that you are tryin to keep your carpets up. 
 The best tip I can give you for this is after you have cleaned the spot or room with your machine is to empty the solution tank that you mixed your cleaners in. Add pure fresh water and a ounce or so of WHITE VINAGER to the mix.
 Next go back over the carpet and rinse the carpet with this solution, this will help rinse the soapy residue that attracts the soil, and YOU ALSO need to make several DRY PASSES after this has been done to help remove as much moisture out of your capets. 
 The store bought products DO NOT rinse very well and this should help to take more of that out of your carpets. 
 What you need to understand is a professional carpet cleaner that has a truck mounted unit is the POWER of that unit. 
 There are many safety features built into our machines to protect US, YOU,and your carpets. If these were not built in, Our machines could hurt or cause damage to your carpets, because of the suction power. This power and our professional cleaning agents are just not the same as what you can buy off the shelf at a store. 
 A properly cleaned carpet should STAY clean, spots should NOT come back, and should dry soft and beatiful. 
 If you have tried cleaning your carpets in Redding Ca. yourself and realize how much work it is, please give us a call and we will be happy to come clean them for you.
 Thomas Conway
 Simply Clean Carpet Care

Redding Ca capet cleaners helpful hints

by Thomas Conway on 02/19/16

My wife loves candles, and with candles sometimes things can happen and bam! A big clump of wax is now cooled and hardened in your carpet fibers. 

 To get this out is pretty simple you will need a nice 100% white cotton hand towel and a clothes iron. 
 Set you iron to cotton, no steam, place the white cotton towel over the clump of wax that is now cold and hardened to your carpets fibers. 
 Place the iron on top of the towel over the clump of wax, watch this very close, I check about every 5 seconds or so and then judge how long I can leave it in place. 
 Be very careful and have patients, the wax will start to warm and melt, as this happens it will be drawn up into the white cotton towel, you can get it all out if you take your time and carefully inspect the carpet as you make progress.
So there you go a tip from a Redding Ca. Carpet cleaner to you. 
If you don't feel comfortable doing this feel free to give us a call and I will be happy to come out and help.

Redding Ca Carpet cleaning has a new Facebook page

by Thomas Conway on 02/19/16

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Did you know Simply Clean Carpet Care of Redding Ca. Is not only a high quality carpet cleaner?

by Thomas Conway on 02/19/16

You may not know this but I am not only a passionate carpet cleaner in the Redding Ca. area, I am also a producer of products that helps carpet cleaners not only here in Redding Ca., but also all over the world!

 I started cleaning carpet in Redding several years ago and as my knowledge and experience grew with time, I started realizing that there were things that needed to be improved. 
 We make one of the best inline filters that catches all the debris that we suck out of the carpets here in Redding Ca. 
 It helps the powerful cleaning units keep there vacuum levels at there peak perfomance as they clean your houses carpet. 
 This help to remove more water and hidden debris that normally would be left behind, giving our customers faster dry times and cleaner carpets.
 We are now almost done with a new carpet cleaning wand, this wand is like no other on the market, it will have better airflow, better flushing of the carpet fibers, and is going to set all new levels of cleaning never before done with a light weight easy to handle carpet cleaning wand.
 It also has a proven swivel design that allows us to clean under beds,tables,closets with durabilaty like no other wand on the market.
 So if you are taking the time to read this then you have shown that you are interested in what is going on in the Redding Ca. carpet cleaners group of cleaning professionals, wouldn't you like to see what a carpet cleaner can do for your carpets, when he has the passon to help others in his same field?